Karen Huang
Web designer
CH Web Media

I attended Jenny's Clay Art Workshop for the first time to learn to make a Christmas ornament and it was fun! Everyone was participating on learning to make the same item and we were so creative with our each individual penguin ornament. Mine was particular fat and round in the group lol. The weather wasn't nice and it was raining non stop but I was glad that I went and the time was worthwhile. It was definitely a group blending event for all of us, we got to learn our businesses from each other on top of making the ornaments. I would certainly recommend everyone to come and check it out!

Emily Huang
Jenny's Workshop

I have never known about clay art and that we could have so much fun with it. When i made my own penguin ornament, I was surprised that i can do it  and be creative about making it. Wow! that makes me want to learning more about the clay and Jenny made the class more interesting too. I really enjoyed it and have learned how to make my own clay gift to share with my friends.

Business Women Organizer

My niece and I had a wonderful time making Christmas penquin ornaments. The clay was light and easy to make and we had fun. I love my penquin, isn't it cute?! ;-)

Catharine Hay
Amazing Woman Entrepreneur

I attended Jenny's Christmas workshop. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. I love my penguin ornament. It is so cute! It is so adorable that every time I look at it, it makes me smile.



Amazing clay art workshop for Valentine! Although Jenny was not able to instruct us in English, her daughters were there to translate and everything was going smoothly. She was so patient to follow my pace and came to help me fix my funny roses to make sure I was doing it correctly. I had fun learning how to make roses to take home and refreshment was great :)

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